4013 E Main St, Ventura, California 93003, United States

"I did not think I could do Cross Fit. I have a bad knee, bad shoulders, and I was very overweight. However, Bree has given me the tools to adjust a workout for my issues, and they have given me the confidence to try new things as I have progressed in my endurance and strength."

“Strength in Community” – As I am personally becoming stronger physically, I am also developing community with the people around me. Through that community, there is accountability which continues to build strength in my desire to achieve my goals. - Jeni Vargas

​Jeni has lost 91 pounds in 9 months and we will continue to update this number as she continues her journey here at The Vent! - March 2017

"I was slightly intimidated before my first class that they might be too advanced for me. But I quickly learned the Vent is good for all levels. The coaches really care about making sure you get the mechanics of movements correct so you can maximize your performance.  Also, the other members are all awesome, so welcoming and wonderful!" - Sarah Hayes

Winner of our 2017 Transformation Challenge:

​She lost 4.3% body fat, 7.85 lbs of fat and 

gained 2.15lbs of lean muscle in just 8 weeks!

"I had never considered workout classes to be something I was meant to do. I had always thought that they were lightweight classes and never did anything with heavy weights, etc. Basically, I didn't think going to classes was for me. I was wrong! I love the community! I've never had a gym that was also a community, and never had dedicated coaches since I was young. I love it!" - Karen Gilsdorf

Winner of the Transformation Challenge 2017 "Fitness"